Schedule & Program

The following abstracts were selected for an oral presentation

BayerMartinHow MAP kinase signaling shapes asymmetric cell divisions – a lesson from the plant embryo
CeriseMartinaThe organization of the shoot apical meristem changes dynamically during floral transition
CharrierBenedicteModeling the force-driven embryogenesis in the brown alga Saccharina
EbrahimiSamiraNondestructive optical interferometric imaging to characterize nanometric morphological changes and subcellular dynamics in plants
GrossmannGuidoRobust yet flexible – morphogenesis and growth regulation in root hairs.
HeislerMarcusPIN-FORMED1 polarity in the shoot epidermis is insensitive to the polarity of neighbouring cells
OffringaRemkoTouching PINOID: auxin and calcium-dependent regulation of phyllotaxis at the Arabidopsis inflorescence meristem
ØsterlundIsabellaRobust spatiotemporal actin filament disentanglement using a network theoretic framework
Rodrigues da SilveiraSylviaMechanical interactions between tissue layers underlie anther morphogenesis
StraussSoerenInvestigating the role of cytokinin in the growth cessation in the Arabidopsis root
SvolacchiaNoemiMolecular mechanisms controlling the interdependency between cell expansion and cell differentiation

A flash talks session before the poster session will be organised on 12.09. The following abstracts have been selected:

1BertolottiGaiaA PHABULOSA/Cytokinin circuit determines root cortical layer number variability in plants
2Bertran Garcia de OlallaEnricAPETALA2 couples changes in shoot apical meristem morphology with floral transition
3CullenErinA novel function for the cuticle in explosive seed launch?
4DuboisMariekeSIAMESE-RELATED1 controls cell fate transition of stomatal lineage ground cells to pavement cells
5EmonetAuréliaEvolution and development of lignin polarity in explosive fruit
6FuchsMichaelA quantitative approach towards understanding WUS mobility in the Arabidopsis shoot meristem
7HarholtJesperFIND-IT technology, constitutively active PM H+-ATPase, and how to improve barley quality by employing acid induced growth
8HsiaK JimmyPlant Leaf Morphogenesis – The Multifaceted Roles of Mechanics
9KraskaLeonieConcerted regulation of xylem-associated ground-tissue linages
10LeglandDavidMorphometry and growth of wheat grain by registration of 3D tomography images
11McLaughlinHeatherInvestigating the role of auxin signalling in the regulation of plant growth dynamics
12PalatnikJavierThe ups and downs of the microRNA miR396 regulatory network
13SainiKumudWarming up to rush to exit: Temperature regulation of leaf size control in Arabidopsis thaliana
14SchreierTinaEnhanced plasmodesmatal connectivity in C4 Gynandropsis gynandra is induced by light and dependent on photosynthesis
15SerraLeoDivision orientation: interplay between geometry, growth, and mechanical stress
16SmithersEuanHow do plant leaf pavement cells form and develop their puzzle piece like shapes? Using a multi-model approach to discover their secrets.
17Tenorio BerrioRubenSingle-cell transcriptomics sheds light on the identity and metabolism of developing leaf cells under well-watered and mild drought stress conditions
18WeissbartGauthierCellular organization in the Arabidopsis leaf epidermis

All other participants that submitted an abstracts will present a poster.