Plant Morphodynamics is a research consortium funded by the German research foundation (DFG) consisting of biologists, physicists and computer scientists interested in understanding how plants shape their organs. You will find here all relevant information about the participants, their research and the activities of the group.

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Latest news


11th International PhD School Plant Development

Invitation to the 11th International PhD School Plant Development (www.plant-development.org). The meeting brings together early career researchers and leading scientists and will take place October 10-12 in Zellingen-Retzbach close to Würzburg, Germany.


Kickoff meeting 23 October 2017

On 23 October the FOR2581 Quantitative Plant Morphodynamics research unit held its kickoff meeting at the Centre for Organismal Studies in Heidelberg. More than 30 researchers (PhD, postdoc & PIs) from Heidelberg, Cologne, Munich and Göttingen  had the opportunity to meet and exchange. The day was started by a guest seminar by Arun Sampathkumar from MPI Golm…


PhD position available in Heidelberg

A PhD position to study morphogenesis in the shoot apical meristem in the Lohmann laboratory  is currently open. See the Jobs section.